How Can Lectin Shield Prevent Your Body From Damage In The Long Run

With a rise in the consumption of the vegetarian diet in the US, more plants are entering in our body. While plants are healthy to eat, they are not completely harmless. They have a strong resisting mechanism against their predators like insects, birds, and other plants. One of the components of this mechanism is known as lectins. It helps plants to fend off attacks from their predators.

However, if it is consumed by humans, it is very harmful to them. In fact, excessive consumption of lectins can be serious and can cause health issues in the long-run. These lectins can immerse in human cells and create havoc in the digestive system. It is also linked to gluten and issues caused by it. Lectins are there in every kind of food having plant content like grains, tomatoes, beans, and corn. Even dairy products such as milk and eggs contain lectins as livestock like cows and chickens survive on plant products.

One can reduce consumption of lectins but it is not possible to completely avoid them. Whatever we eat these days is bound to have some kind of plant nutrient. There is where lectin shield is useful.

What is Lectin Shield?

Lectin shield is a powerful blocker by Dr. Gundry which helps to improve the digestive system and the immunity system. Lectin Shield can help to protect humans from the harmful effects of lectins. One can continue his diet and enjoy his food without having to worry about his health. It contains several ingredients that attack lectins in human cells-

1. N Acetyl D-Glucosamine- This component of Lectin Shield can deal with lectins present in wheat and solve joint pain problems.

2. Bladderwrack- It is seaweed which can prevent risks for inflammatory lectins and has antifungal properties too.

3. D- Mannose- Lectin shield provides this compound for those who have a high consumption of legumes. It can also protect itself from infectious bacteria.

4. Okra Extract- It contains the polysaccharide, a natural compound that can inflict damage to multiple lectins and also works as an antioxidant.

5. Mucin- It contains sialic acid which acts as a barrier against lectins and protects digestive system from the infection.

6. Sodium Alginate- Lectin Shield takes care of one’s bathroom visits by providing fecal bulking compound. It also makes digestion easier.

7. Vegetable Peptase- Lectins contain peptidase which is used for breakdown of proteins in a human body. It can cause harm to the digestive system.The vegetable peptidase counteracts peptidase and makes digestion easier.

8. Methylsulfonylmethane- It prevents joint problems just like N-Acetyl D Glucosamine. It is a powerful compound and acts strongly against lectins.

9. Larch Arabinogalactans- The gut lining acts as a defense mechanism against lectins and Larch Arabinogalactans can increase butyrate production to nourish gut bacteria.

How is Lectin shield useful?

Lectin shield is known to support the human body and improve the overall health in few months. Lectin shield is in the form of capsules which makes it easy for consumption. It is advised that two capsules should be taken every day after a meal. The positive effects of Lectin shield can be observed in few weeks only. There are no side effects and the package contains enough information for anyone to decide if contents can cause allergy to him.

Lectin can cause harm to GI tissue which affects the digestive system and also lead to serious illness. As Lectin shield helps to improve the immunity system with the digestive process, people can feel that change in their body after two-three weeks. It prevents future ailments too.

Why should Dr. Gundry be trusted?

Dr, Gundry has earned the reputation as a respected physician who is known to have an accomplished career in medical science. He is also a founder of Center for Restorative Medicine and it is used for development of medicines and research cure for diseases. He combines both natural and modern ways to develop medicines which can cure diseases which having any harmful effects. Lectin shield is an attempt by Dr. Gundry to ensure that everyone can take advantage of positive effects of a diet rich in plants.

Lectin shield comes in different packages. One can also enter their free VIP program to get an advantage of free refills and latest updates. Lectin shield provides 90-days money guarantee too. It is worth trying this one.