Why A Tea Detox is Good for Body And Mind

We live in a world surrounded by harmful pollutants, artificial additives, and lots of oxidative elements. At times, it can seem to be almost impossible to escape them and live a healthy life. So, what can you do to eradicate those toxins from your body and live a healthier lifestyle? Well, you could take advantage of a tea detox regime.

I am always wary of advocating a detox that requires you to consume a simple liquid ingredient, but today I am going to let you know about the trusty tea detox. The reason I wanted to write about it today, is that it is one of those rare little things that actually works.

We have all heard about the fantastic health benefits a tea detox can have on the body, and that is something that you can use in your fight against oxidants and free radicals. The best tea detox is absolutely bursting with body-boosting go goodness and performing a tea detox is as simple as it is effective.

Throughout the day, toxins build up in our bodies. These come from a whole host of sources, ranging from the very food and drink we consume, to the air we live and breathe in every day. These toxins slowly start to grow in numbers and can have many negative effects on the body. Studies have shown that living or working near a busy street has the same effect as the pollutants found in a single cigarette every 48 minutes.

If you live on the main street, then this is the same as smoking more than a whole box of cigarettes each day. We are all aware of the dangers cigarettes pose to our health, from debilitating health conditions to many different types of cancers. There are ways to remove these toxins through, and it is via a chemical process with the anti-oxidants found in a tea detox.

Now, not every tea detox is equal in potency, but all types do offer a certain level of protection for the body. Black tea is the most common, and it contains high levels of tannins. Tannins are chemical compounds which give tea its bitter taste when over-brewed. Next, there is green tea. Green tea is possibly the most famous of all teas when it comes to health benefits. White teas are the most potent of all teas and contain the highest concentrations of anti-oxidants.

There is also a tea known as Red Bush, which produces a rich and earthy amber cup of tea. Red leaf is between black and green tea for antioxidant content. A tea detox is slightly different from normal tea, as it has extra added ingredients such as blends of herbs, spices, and fiber.  Most detox tea is designed to help relieve the oxidative stress of the liver, which is the main cleansing organ of the body.

The better the condition of the liver, the better it can work at removing toxins from your blood. A tea detox or ‘Teatox’ will also help speed up your metabolism, thus allowing your body to burn body fat more effectively. The catechins and fiber content found in detox tea is also great for improving your digestive health, and good digestive health leads to better absorption of vitamins and minerals. Another benefit of detox tea is its caffeine content.

In the past, caffeine was thought of as something that was not very good for the body. However, recent studies have discovered it to be beneficial for the body and those who consume it, are less likely to suffer from certain cancers, type II diabetes, strokes, and dementia. Sure, you can get your caffeine from a cup of coffee, but you would be missing out on all of the benefits a tea detox offers up.

There are not many things I would recommend for detoxing, especially if it encourages you to live on a liquid only diet for several weeks at a time. Luckily, a detox tea plan is fitted around your normal eating routines, and as long as you take care about what you are putting into your body, it can be a fantastic way to cleanse your body from toxins. A normal cup of tea is beneficial for your body, but a detox tea is like rocket fuel for the system and powers you back to balanced health in no time at all.